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Early Intervention Program

Improving services for infants and young children

The major goal of the Early Intervention Program is to expand and improve educational and therapeutic services for infants and young children who are at risk and disabled and their families.


Educational Opportunities

The Early Intervention Program offers an educational opportunity for Master’s and Doctoral students who are interested in developing assessments, training parents and school groups, and providing assessment and intervention for families including children from birth to age eight who have developmental disabilities and related risk conditions.

Graduates are prepared to fill a variety of roles, including interventionists who deliver services to children and their families, program coordinators or supervisors who manage and direct personnel that deliver direct services, policy analysts, researchers and instructors.


Infant/Child Screening and Assessment Tools

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The following products were developed by the Early Intervention Program. For more information please visit the following links. Additional information can be found at www.brookespublishing.com

Assessment tools:

Prospective Students

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Applications may be obtained from:
Jamar Bean
Admissions Coordinator
Special Education & Clinical Sciences
1215 University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 97403-1215
(541) 346-9148 / email: jamarb@uoregon.edu

SPED Master's Program Online Application
SPED Doctoral Program Online Application

Admission to Program Students are admitted to this program during Fall term. To be considered for the next Fall entry, completed application packets must be received no later than February 15 for early admission. Late applications will be considered until May 01 for any spaces not filled during early admission.

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"I am very grateful for all the training and experience I received from the EI program...I felt very prepared as a new teacher and I owe much of that to you and the entire team in the EI program."

"THANK YOU for the training I received through all of you!"

"Thank you for the excellent support and fabulous teaching/mentoring I received from the Early Intervention instructors and cooperating professionals throughout the year . I cannot wait to go do all those things you taught me to do!" - Candee Cole

"I have to say, Amongst all of the tired nights and tears.......I LOVE this program and believe with ALL of MY HEART that this is where I am supposed to be ♥ I will so miss my practicum site that I have to say "goodbye" to next week. Got very close to many little 2yr olds (esp. my focus child). If anyone is thinking of going back to school...I would still Highly recommend the Early Intervention Masters Early Intervention-Program in a heartbeat!!!!" - Deb Law