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BOOST Program

Building On Opportunities for Student Teaching and Learning Preschool

University of Oregon
Early Intervention Program
Photo of BOOST staff, From Left to Right: Morgan (teacher), Jessi (Classroom Coordinator), Mallory (teacher), Margo (teacher), Catherina (teacher), Cristol (teacher) Libbie (teacher)


BOOST is a summer preschool program that serves children between the ages of three and six. It offers a high-quality early intervention program for children who would not otherwise receive summer education services. In BOOST we address all areas of children’s development. We strive to provide children opportunities to explore in a safe, structured, consistent, and engaging environment. We build on children’s interests and strengths to embed skill learning into naturally occurring opportunities and daily activities. BOOST also provides a unique teacher-training experience for master's students in the University of Oregon's Early Intervention Program.

Who is eligible?

Three to five-year-old children with special needs become eligible for the program through Early Childhood CARES (the local EI/ECSE service agency). Interested families should contact their Early Childhood CARES service coordinator for information about qualifying for the program.

Who do I contact for more information?

The Early Intervention Program at (541) 346-0807. Ask for the BOOST coordinator.

First Place Family Center at (541) 736-1809.