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BOOST Program

Building On Opportunities for Student Teaching and Learning Preschool

University of Oregon
Early Intervention Program

What is Activity-Based Intervention?

BOOST operates under an Activity-Based Intervention model. Within this model, teachers build on children’s interests and strengths to provide fun and engaging learning experiences involving play and child-led exploration. Learning occurs in a naturalistic setting within the daily activities of the classroom.


The BOOST classroom follows a theme-based curriculum, which uses storybooks and activities that share a central theme to create a fun, engaging learning environment. The books we use provide a foundation for teaching new skills through a variety of learning activities. We build upon and expand our theme every week to support children's overall development. This year, our theme is, “Under the Sea”. This theme allows teachers, families and children to share in the exploration of the ocean and connect with engaging learning opportunities in their environment. This summer we have a wide variety of exciting activities planned for both children and families to experience.

Program Mission:

Provide a fun and engaging environment that supports children’s friendships, creativity, and learning through play and exploration!


Drawing of woman sitting on top of giant tea kettle hoding a rose with many children danging around the kettle (is the cover of Rose's Garden children's book) Child in a hammock with a little bunny in his lap (Is the cover of Quiet In the Garden children's book)