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BOOST Program

Building On Opportunities for Student Teaching and Learning Preschool

University of Oregon
Early Intervention Program

BOOST Policies

  • Brattain Early Learning Center keeps the main doors to the building locked at all times. Otherwise, please call 541-480-3867 (Jessi Gates—Classroom Coordinator) or 541-231-6305 (Sloan Storie—Classroom Supervisor) to have a teacher come unlock the door.
    • Drop off There will be a teacher to open the front doors to the building from 9:15-9:30, unless your child takes the bus.
    • Pick up The class will walk outside together for either pickup or bus at 12:15. Please wait outside for us.
    • Children will only be allowed to be picked up by specified caregivers. If caregivers would like someone other than themselves to pick up their children, they must fill out the appropriate form in the enrollment packet. Individuals listed on the form will be allowed to pick up the children once photo identification is shown to staff.
  • Clothing: Please send your child in clothes that he or she can get a little messy in! If possible, we’d like to keep a spare change of clothes in your child’s cubby at school just in case.
  • Sunscreen: It is our policy to apply sunscreen (which we provide) to the children on hot, sunny days. Please let us know if you have any concerns.
  • Food/Allergies: We will provide your child with a small breakfast and lunch each day. Please let us know of any allergies your child has.
  • Confidentiality: Any and all personal information you share with us about your child will be strictly confidential. We will not share any information gathered with another person, agency, or program without your signed consent.
  • Medication: Please have your child take any necessary medication before arriving to school if possible. In the event that medication must be administered during school, the appropriate paperwork must be completed. Medication must be provided in its original packaging. This medication will be stored in a locked cupboard and administered each day by the same staff member (when possible), as directed by your child’s physician.
  • Guidance and Discipline Policy: We believe in pre-teaching expected, appropriate behavior, praising children as it occurs, and setting consistent limits. We respect each child as an individual and believe that every child has the right to be and feel safe.
  • Sickness and Injury: If your child gets sick at school, we will notify you immediately.
    • ◦ If your child is injured at school, a BOOST staff member will provide first aid and complete an accident report, which will be sent with you. If the injury is serious, we will contact you immediately.
    • All BOOST staff members are certified in CPR and first aid.
    • Your child MAY attend school if he or she has a runny nose, a small cough, or minor ear infection.
    • Your child MAY NOT come to school if he or she has a fever over 100, a rash over the entire body or open blisters, diarrhea or vomiting, lice or nits, or a severe cough.