BOOST Program

Building On Opportunities for Student Teaching and Learning Preschool

University of Oregon
Early Intervention Program

BOOST Policies


Parking is limited during the summer at the University of Oregon.

Parking near the Clinical Services Building (CSB) includes:

  • 24 minute Pick-up/Drop-off spaces in front of CSB
  • Parking meters on 18th Avenue
  • 2-hour parking on side streets around 18th Avenue
  • Free all day spaces are several blocks away

Please DO NOT use "service vehicle" or "reserved" spaces.

Children will only be allowed to be picked up by specified caregivers. If caregivers would like someone other than themselves to pick up their children, they must fill out the appropriate form in the enrollment packet. Individuals listed on the form will be allowed to pick up the children once photo identification is shown to staff.

Messy Dress Policy:
The BOOST Team will try hard to prevent unnecessary messes and soiled clothes. The activities in class, however, can be messy. Therefore, we ask that you send your child in clothes that can get dirty, along with an additional change of clothes in case of messes and/or accidents. For safety reasons, please dress your child in “play safe” shoes. Open-toed shoes are okay as long as they are secure on the feet. Please no flip-flops.

Toys from Home:
We ask that no toys are brought from home be brought to class, unless the teacher asks for one to be sent in. Please contact the teachers if there are special circumstances (i.e., security blanket comfort toys, etc.) Weapons (i.e., pretend guns, swords, or knives) must stay at home as well.

An optional snack will be provided daily while the children are at BOOST. For health and safety reasons, please contact teaching staff if food from home needs to be sent in. If you wish to provide a snack for the entire class (special occasion), the snack must be purchased from a store and brought to school in the original container.

As we move into summer, skin protection from the sun’s harsh rays becomes more important. To help ensure your child’s sun safety at preschool, we suggest applying sunscreen each morning prior to arrival. Sunscreen is considered a medication by the state of Oregon, and BOOST teachers will apply sunscreen with family permission (via the completed Sunscreen Administration Permission form in your enrollment packet); under these circumstances, sunscreen will be provided from home.

Information will be gathered to help the BOOST staff understand your child and his/her individual needs. As a team, families and BOOST staff will work together to meet those needs. All information that you provide is completely confidential. Information will not be shared with any other person, agency, or program, unless the child’s parent or guardian gives permission to exchange information and signs an approval release form. All files that contain personal information will be kept in a locked file.

Safety, Illness, and Injury:
The health and safety of your child is very important to us. To help ensure their safety, the following guidelines have been established:

  • Please complete all forms in the family enrollment packet with accurate and updated information
  • If your child becomes sick during school, we will notify you immediately
  • If your child is injured, the staff will provide first aid and complete an accident report form, which will be sent home. If the injury is serious, you will be contacted immediately.
  • All boost staff are certified in CPR and first aid!

Illness Checklist

Your child MAY come to school if he/she has these symptoms: Your child MAY NOT come to school if he/she has these symptoms:
  • Runny nose
  • A little cough
  • Ear infection, but has been on antibiotics for 24 hours
  • Temperature over 100
  • Rash over entire body or open blisters
  • Diarrhea and/or vomiting
  • Severe and/or wet cough
  • Lice or nits


Medication Policy:
If possible, please have your child take medications at home rather than at school. Our policy will only allow us to dispense medications for chronic conditions, or in specific cases when medication cannot be given at another time of day. This applies to all over-the-counter medication, chap stick, diaper ointment, and sunscreen.

Medications must be brought to class in person. Please DO NOT send medications on a bus. If medications run out, you will be contacted and asked to personally pick up any empty containers. We will not be allowed to destroy or send home any empty medication containers.

If medication is necessary during school hours, please:

  • Complete the Medical Administration Permission Form (enrollment packet)
  • Give all information to BOOST staff in person
  • Bring the medication in the ORIGINAL CONTAINER, properly labeled by the pharmacists with: your child’s full name, frequency and dosage amount, name of the drug, duration of the administration, expiration date, storage procedures/directions, date filled, and name of the prescribing physician.

When administering medication, BOOST staff will:

  • Ensure that all information is up to date, including permission forms
  • Read the physicians information regarding possible adverse reactions to the medication
  • Have BOOST coordinator ensure the authenticity of all prescription medications received
  • Administer the medication. When possible, this will be done by the same staff member each day to help ensure that no mistakes are made.
  • Keep an on-going documentation of medication administration with Medication Administration Flow Chart.
  • Store medications in a locked drawer, cupboard or box.

You will be notified immediately if your child refuses to take the medication or if no system can be established to ensure correct administration of the medication.