FEAT State Workgroup Priorities

State and Lane County FEAT workgroups have identified the following priority areas for the state of Oregon . Many (if not all) of these priorities are related to DHS programs and funding streams.

  • Develop and provide training on a statewide protocol for prenatal substance use screening and education that is accepted by hospitals, maternal and child health providers, private practitioners and child welfare agencies.
  • Similarly, develop a statewide protocol to identify substance use during hospital delivery.
  • Monitor all children aged 0-2 referred from child protective services agencies and hospitals to Part C (Early Intervention) services under the provisions of the 2003 CAPTA amendment.
  • Require community-wide accountability systems or “report cards” used to monitor SEN issues with specific indicators measuring progress for public review.
  • Secure adequate funding for intensive case management and home visiting services for pregnant woman to help them access adequate treatment and stop substance use during their pregnancies.
  • Create a pool of funds for counties to create model programs to implement “best practice” for identification and support of SEN and their families.
  • Restore and expand the funding of evidence-based addiction treatment services to move Oregon from 48 th in the nation for treatment access for addicted pregnant women, young mothers and fathers.
Project funded by: Children's Bureau, of Health and Human Services. Grant # 90-CB-0154
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