Collaborative Process


Lane County Workgroup

The FEAT Model in Lane County was developed through a collaborative workgroup process, facilitated by FEAT staff. Lane County participants convened monthly for 3 years to participate in a planning process that included resource mapping and the development of Goals and Objectives for smaller working groups. In its fourth year, the FEAT workgroup began to meet on a bi-monthly basis.

Ongoing collaborative workgroup meetings have been essential to the success of FEAT's efforts. Consistent meetings, with coffee and snacks from a beloved local deli and conducted in locations convenient for participants, provided a crucial forum for building relationships, strengthening collaborations, providing program updates and developing and revising new policies and procedures.

In its third year, FEAT also began to collaborate with Healthy Babies, Healthy Communities, a community initiative focusing on the Lane County's high fetal-infant mortality rate. HBHC's focus on prevention provides an important complement to FEAT. FEAT and HBHC share many community stakeholders and now convene a joint quarterly community meeting to provide updates and solicit input on the efforts of both projects.


State Workgroup

Project FEAT staff convened a quarterly state workgroup with participants from state level agencies. The state workgroup has served to support and guide Lane County workgroup efforts and has provided input on existing state-level efforts. The State Workgroup has developed its own list of SEN-related priorities.


Collaboration Surveys

Two surveys were modified and used to assess existing collaborations in Lane County and state levels and to evaluate the FEAT Lane County workgroup and its process.

•  Collaborative Capacity Instrument (CCI)

The CCI is a self-assessment tool for reviewing state and local interagency collaboration related to SEN. This survey was developed by the National Center for Substance Abuse and Child Welfare ( and was adapted slightly for FEAT local and state workgroups.

•  Project FEAT Collaboration Survey

Adapted from surveys published in Collaboration: What Makes It Work, Mattessich and B. Monsey, ©Amherst H. Wilder Foundation.

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