FEAT Model

FEAT Workgroups have developed a model of policies and procedures for identifying and providing safe care for Substance-Exposed Newborn (SEN) and their families.

Identification of SEN and Notification of DHS Child Welfare

  • Prenatal screening, brief intervention and referral procedures to community supports.
  • Hospital risk assessment, toxicology testing and notification of DHS child welfare.

Safe Care Planning and Prenatal and Postnatal Supports and for SEN and their families

  • “SEN Team” Multidisciplinary team process to make safe care plans for substance exposed newborns in the hospitals at birth.
  • Hospital discharge process to notify and inform foster parents and postnatal providers of substance exposure of newborn and community resources.
  • Family Advocate services
  • Treatment Services
  • Community supports (e.g., Relief Nurseries, Public Health, Early Intervention).

Identification and Notification

Safe Care Planning and Family Supports

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