UO Undergrads: Plan Ahead!

Earn Your Master’s/License in 3-4 Terms
Take these 4 courses before you graduate:

  • SPED 426 Behavior Management
  • SPED 440 Early Literacy for Diverse Learners
  • SPED 411 Foundations of Disability
  • SPED 410 Law & Special Education

Early Intervention Program

The major goal of the Early Intervention Program is to expand and improve educational and therapeutic services for infants and young children with disabilities, or who are considered at risk for developmental delay.

Educational Opportunities

The Early Intervention Program offers an educational opportunity for Masters and Doctoral students who are interested in developing assessments, training parents and school groups, and providing assessment and intervention for families including children from birth to age eight who have developmental disabilities and related risk conditions.

Graduates are prepared to fill a variety of roles, including interventionists who deliver services to children and their families, program coordinators or supervisors who manage and direct personnel that deliver direct services, policy analysts, researchers and instructors.

Infant/Child Screening and Assessment Tools

The following products were developed by the Early Intervention Program. For more information please visit the following links. Additional information can be found at www.brookespublishing.com

Assessment tools: