EIP Faculty

Jane Squires, Ph.D. (University of Oregon, 1988)

Phone: 541.346.0807
E-mail: jsquires@uoregon.edu
Office: 351 CSB

Dr. Squires is an Emerita Professor in Special Education/Early Intervention with interests in assessment of infants and young children, including developmental assessments completed by parents/caregivers, social-emotional curricula for early childhood/special education, screening, monitoring, and early identification of at-risk children, and personnel preparation in EI/ECSE. Dr. Squires conducts research on early identification of delays, developmental screening, and social-emotional interventions.

Lillian Durán, Ph.D. (University of Minnesota, 2008)

Phone: 541.346.2502
E-mail: lduran@uoregon.edu

Lillian Durán has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Minnesota and is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Special Education and Clinical Sciences at the UO. Dr. Durán teaches Early Literacy for Diverse Learners. Her research is focused on improving instructional and assessment practices with preschool-aged dual language learners (DLLs). She is currently a Co-Principal Investigator on an IES Goal 5 measurement grant to develop a Spanish version of the Individual Growth and Development Indicators (S-IGDIs), an early language and literacy general outcome measure for screening and progress monitoring in preschool. Dr. Durán frequently delivers presentations nationally on the topic of recommended practices in assessment and intervention with young DLLs with and without identified disabilities. Prior to Dr. Durán’s work in higher education she worked for 9 years as an early childhood special education teacher both in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and in rural south central Minnesota.

Stephanie Shire, Ph.D. (University of California Los Angeles, 2013)

Phone: 541.346.2141
E-mail: sshire@uoregon.edu

Dr. Shire is an Assistant Professor in Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education. She currently teaches Autism in EI and Curriculum in ECSE/EI. Dr. Shire’s research interests include the development and deployment of assessment and early intervention tools for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Her work has focused on partnering with community agencies to bring naturalistic developmental behavioral interventions to under-served and under resourced communities in North America and abroad. Current projects include adaptive interventions for preschool children with limited language and the development of a technology enabled caregiver-mediated interventions for families with young children with ASD. Dr. Shire is happy to engage students in intervention research. Students may learn to participate in data collection, analysis as well as assessment and intervention.

Lois Pribble, Ph.D. (University of Oregon, 2013)

Phone: 541.346.0813
E-mail: lois@uoregon.edu
Office: 304 CSB

Dr. Pribble is a Field Experience Coordinator and Lecturer for the Early Intervention Master's/Licensure program. She teaches EI/ECSE Methods I-III and Professional Practices in EI/ECSE I-III and also oversees practicum and student teaching. Dr. Pribble is also a research associate and has recently worked on the Social Emotional Learning in Early Children and Toddlers (SELECT) grant. Her interests include early childhood social-emotional development and intervention, personnel preparation, and EI/ECSE curricula development. Before earning her doctorate in EI/ECSE, she worked as an ECSE classroom teacher, Child Find screener, and inclusion consultant.

Liz Twombly - Sr. Research Assistant

Phone: 541.346.2522
E-mail: ltwombly@uoregon.edu

Liz Twombly works as a Senior Research Assistant and Instructor at the University of Oregon's Early Intervention Program. Liz currently coordinates project BEST (Benchmarks in Early Screening and Testing), a research project funded through the Center on Disease Control (CDC) focused on creating benchmark (i.e., indicators) for early intervention systems that may increase the timeliness and efficiency of state's Part C services. Liz also co-coordinates the Family Early Advocacy and Treatment(FEAT) Project, focused on creating policies and procedures to ensure the identification, referral and safe care of substance exposed newborns in communities in Oregon. Liz has worked on the Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ) research team for the past 20 years, is a contributing author on the third edition of the ASQ, one of the authors on the Ages and Stages Questionnaires: Social Emotional (ASQ:SE), and lead author on the ASQ Learning Activities. Liz provides training across the U.S. and other countries on the use of these screening tools as well as broader screening and childfind systems. Liz areas of interest include infant mental health, the inclusion of mental health in early intervention systems, family-guided early intervention, and the adaptation of assessment measures to ensure culturally appropriateness.

Heidi von Ravensberg - Research Assistant

Phone: 541.346.2472
E-mail: hvr@uoregon.edu
Office: 05 CSB Basement

Dr. Heidi von Ravensberg received her Juris Doctor in law and her Master's in Business Administration from the University of Oregon. Her interests are in research to improve the education and outcomes for students with disabilities and at risk youth, disability rights law and Disability Studies. She is a Co-coordinator of the Disability Studies Initiative (http://studydisability.uoregon.edu), a project of the UO Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities in the College of Education; a Research Associate conducting legal research and writing on matters of behavior and discipline for the Educational and Community Supports research unit in the College of Education; and an Adjunct Instructor in the School of Law where she teaches the disability law course, a combined course offered to education and law students. Heidi has been legally blind for most of her life from Retinitis Pigmentosa and Macular Degeneration. She uses a female Golden Retreiver Guide dog named Tomassa.

Dr. Diane Bricker (Retired)

Phone: 541.346.0807
E-mail: dbricker@uoregon.edu

Dr. Diane Bricker joined the University of Oregon in 1978 as a Professor of Special Education and Director of the Early Intervention Program. Dr. Bricker was director of the Early Intervention Program since its inception at the University of Oregon. She taught graduate level courses, and was involved in program development and outreach, and research. She is internationally known and respected for her work on Activity-Based Intervention and the Assessment, Evaluation, and Programming System volumes. In December 1992, Dr. Bricker received the Division of Early Childhood, Council for Exceptional Children Service to the Field Award.